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Le Chef Laundry Companies

Laundry rental companies

Looking at the direct purchase of kitchen uniforms and waiters aprons, there are many variables you need to consider.The question is what is the most cost-effective uniform solution that will meet your staffs need for safety and provide a consistent look and quality you are trying to achieve?

Le Chef is a nominated supplier with many; Hotels, Restaurant Groups, Catering, Institutions, Local Councils. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the most competitive rental prices thanks to our laundry partners.

Company Location Telephone
 Sunlight Laundry  National 0208 993 4484
 London Workwear  London 0208 574 0559
 Northfield  London 0208 988 7977
 Regency Laundry  Bath 0122 542 5142
 Chester Textiles  Chester 0124 437 8600
 Clean Linen  Maidenhead 0162 862 0404
 Johnsons Apparelmaster  Preston 0177 266 2555
 County Textiles  Oxford 0199 370 9987
 Vale Textiles  Wales 0149 258 1167

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